Advantage – Location Germany


The HTC process has very good long-term chances of success, but at present there is still a relatively high economic risk. Through the research project, the basics will be placed for a transfer of the HTC method in industrial utilisation. The technology partner, SunCoal Industries GmbH, plans in 2010 to build and commence operation of a large technical HTC facility and thereby make industrial use of the project’s findings. An exportable technology for the sustainable use of biomass will be developed further, with which Germany can become a technology leader.


Through the preparatory research in the scope of this project, the technical risks will be reduced significantly. Furthermore, the potential impacts on the climate, ecosystem and socioeconomics will be evaluated.  The findings of these studies will be conclusive and will, in part, be made public during the project and presented on suitable platforms. In this way, the final results will be available for experts, policy makers and the broader public. 


SunCoal Industries aims for the direct application of project findings through the building and eventual operation of a HTC facility. Overall, a dynamic development of the market for HTC technologies is expected, from which participants through the project findings can profit. Already today, 7 direct jobs with the project and 15 jobs with project partners have been created. In addition, the project directly and indirectly contributes to the regional development in rural areas through the cultivation of biomass and utilisation of residual biomass.